Fishing, Sun protection. Solar tube, Neck gaiter, Face mask.

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A Fitted Neck Gaiters or Face Bandana is a piece of light weighted tube-shaped micro-fiber polyester fabric scarf that commonly use to cover your neck, mouth and nose.

It is very light weighted and very comfortable.

Most people wear this Face Bandana for outdoor activities such as Fishing, Cycling, Running or Skiing. Neck Gaiters keep you warm as well as protect you from the sun.

This Neck Gaiter can be worn in many different ways. As a Neck Scart, Beanie, Bandana Hood, Hairband or Face Cover.


What is a fishing gaiter for?
Pulling a gaiter up over your face can make anglers significantly more comfortable fishing in the winter months and allow them to always do what they love, no matter the weather.
Gaiters made of moisture-wicking fabric help you stay dry when getting splashed with water or overwhelmed by humidity.