Garmin Alpha 200i/TT15x collar Bundle + Long range antennas

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Garmin Alpha 200i, TT15x collar  bundle. 

Comes with Alpha & collar long range antennas

  • Measures dogs’ speed and distance traveled
  • Dog Trails: Choose from three views: Complete History, Partial History, or no Trail History
  • Map Screen option: Show / Hide Dog’s Status, Distance, Names, and Off screen Dogs
  • Zoom to MAP DOGS - automatically zoom in/out to include all dogs appear on the map screen -- no matter how far they are from you
  • Wireless sharing of Dog info to other ALPHA handheld units
  • 16GB internal memory - install extra maps
  • Expandable external memory by micro SD card
  • Comes with Australian Topactive Map
  • BirdsEye direct to device without annual subscription required
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable with user replaceable battery
  • Trip Computer
  • Kit includes: 1 x Alpha 200i handheld, 1 x TT15 collar, Charging Pack for handheld and Collar, Manual
  • Free Long range Antennas

The Garmin Alpha 200i GPS dog tracking handheld is the new addition to the touchscreen Alpha Range product.

It is compatible with Garmin T5 / T5 mini collar for tracking as well as TT15 /TT15 mini collar for tracking and training.

It has new larger 3.5 inch capacitive touchscreen which is a sunlight-readable touchscreen.

The improved 6 button design is great for fast training cues and minor adjustments in the field. 

One of the main feature of the Alpha 200i is built in inReach Iridium satellite technology.

It allows you communicated with your friends, love ones or event post on social media websites without using traditional mobile network. 


What’s new with the Garmin TT15X?

  • Increased battery life
  • Sleep Mode
  • USB Mode