Garmin Alpha 200i Screen Protector

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The ALL NEW FLEXIBLE IRON SCREEN GUARD install directly over your Alphas screen ( takes seconds to install )

Once in place your Alphas sensitive TFT toughscreen is protected from wear and tear, scratches, drops, bumps or other impacts.

It also provides fingerprint resistance, full transparency and an ultra slim flexible design.


Durable but ultra thin 0.3mm

Impact resistant

Shatter resistant

Anti Fingerprint coating resits your fingerprints and smudges

Scratch resistant - Protects your Alphas screen from cuts, cracks and scratches

Custom designed to precisley fit your Alpha 100 screen

Unrivaled touch sentivity ensures that the Alpha's touch screen remains full functional without delays

Can be removed if needed with no glue residue

100% Transparency and 99% light transmission

HD optical transmittance

Ultra smooth surface

Bubble Free

Easy to install

Easy to clean